Don’t let the heat drain you or your pets!

August 14, 2012

Posted By : Lombard Animal Hospital


Getting outdoors with your pet is great, but....

We all know it is easy for us and our pets to get dehydrated during the hot, sunny days of Summer. In Chinese medicine, this would be explained as Yin deficiency. In short, excess heat dries up the Yin portions of the body. Yin is the cooling, hydrating quality of our health. Thus, it is just as important to boost Yin as it is to avoid heat!

  • Provide plenty of cool, fresh water for pets all day long!
  • Ensure that your pet can get away into the air conditioning or shade!
  • As a treat, offer 2 tablespoons (dogs) or 1 tablespoon (cats) of Greek, nonfat yogurt!

To learn more about Yin, Yang and the Energetics of Food as they relate to your pet’s diet, schedule a Nutrition Consult with Dr. Nell or consider attending her free Nutrition Class at Healthy Pets Northwest (Alberta St. Location) in September!

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