Traditional Veterinary and Pet Acupuncture Services

At Lombard Animal Hospital our mission is to enhance the quality of life for pets and their people through education, nutrition, and wellness. Our team offers personalized and effective treatment plans with compassion for you and your pet. We care for all companion pets – canine, feline, rabbits, avian and exotic pets and hope to provide a pawsitive experience for you and your pets.

We believe that healthy, happy pets make healthy happy people.


At Lombard Animal Hospital we increase the quality of life for pets and their people through education, nutrition and wellness!

Acupuncture in Practice: Chronic Disease

Welcome to acu in practice...posting live from the IVAS Congress in Breckenridge, Colorado! This morning our focus is on preventing and treating chronic disease. Chronic disease is becoming more common in our patients (and in people) as we are exposed to more...

Acupuncture in Practice: Wind Heat Dermatitis

Welcome to Acu in Practice! Here in the Pacific Northwest we have experienced significantly dry, hot weather over the past 2 months. Not surprisingly, I have seen plenty of allergic dermatitis in my patients during that time. In most cases, the lesions are dry, red...

Acupuncture in Practice: Arthritis!

Welcome to acu in practice! One of the most common conditions we treat with acupuncture in animals is ARTHRITIS! In TCM, we refer to this as "Bony Bi Syndrome." The Bony Bi occurs as a result of long standing stagnation or reduction in the circulation of Blood and Qi...

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