Top Tips for Traveling With your Pets from Lombard Animal Hospital!

July 17, 2013

Posted By : Lombard Animal Hospital

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles...


...well that's an easy one..NO PETS ALLOWED (except service animals).


  • Check with the specific airline that you are flying to ensure you comply with all regulations. Each airline has it's own rules.
  • Health Certificate requirements vary by airline depending on whether or not the pet will be in-cabin or checked as cargo. Most airlines require a Health Certificate for pets flying cargo and don't require a Health Certificate for pets flying in-cabin (under your seat in an approved carrier). A Health Certificate if valid for 30 days beginning on the date of the exam by an FDA accredited veterinarian. Our veterinarians at Lombard Animal Hospital are accredited and ready to 503.285.2337!
  • Health Certificate Requirements vary by State. It is not just up to the airlines! Check with the State Veterinarian's office when flying or driving with your pets across state lines. At Lombard Animal Hospital we recommend that you be safe rather than sorry. It could be a real bummer and ruin both of your vacations if your pet is turned away at the airport or quarantined. Hawaii is especially complicated!
  • International Travel (this includes Mexico and Canada, by air or car): Look into requirements at least 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE. A list of most Countries and their requirements can be found at Once you have the list of requirements and documents printed, please contact us at 503.285.2337 to set up your Health Certificate exam with one of our accredited Doctors.
  • Consider the season when you will be flying and the environmental temperature of your departure site/destination. Many airlines will not allow pets to be checked as cargo if the temperature will be too high or too low during the flight. If temperatures are extreme, your pet will likely be less stressed taking a stay-cation at a local boarding facility or with a petsitter.
  • Sedation : We do not usually recommend sedation for airborne pets, especially if they are flying cargo. Sedation without supervision can be dangerous as you are unable to monitor the pet. The best practice is to have your pet in a comfortable carrier, as quiet as possible. Covering the carrier with a blanket or towel can be very helpful.
  • Natural Calming Supplements : We have several options available at Lombard Animal Hospital including Composure Chews, Customized flower essence tinctures, Western and Chinese Herbs. Please call us to schedule an appointment or learn more!
  • Probably obvious but we'll say it anyway ... try to book a direct flight when flying with your pet in the cabin or under the plane. Less time in the air or airport means less time for stress and complications!


For overnight or cross country trips, look ahead and map out pet-friendly hotels on your route. Thankfully, bunking with your pet has become much easier over the last 10 years as more lodging options are accepting our 4-legged friends. Check out

When traveling with cats, place them in a comfortable carrier covered by a towel. Most cats will be much less stressed if they are confined and can't see all of the motion going on around the car. Plus, this is safest for the humans in the vehicle! When you reach the hotel or destination, place their carrier in a small room such as a bathroom, open the carrier and allow them to come out as they are ready! Do not be surprised if your cat does not want to eat...appetite can be decreased due to stress.


  • Do not feed your pets for an hour before or after travel in cars or plans. Give their stomach a chance to settle.
  • Sedation and Natural Stress Relief: Each pet is unique, some love to travel while others experience mild to intense anxiety that can stem from fear or discomfort. Pets get carsick too! Please call Lombard Animal Hospital (503.285.2337) or schedule an appointment to determine what will work best for your pet.
  • Health Certificate Requirements: Each State and Country makes its own rules. Check with the State Veterinarian's office if driving with your pets across state lines or APHIS if crossing into Mexico or Canada. Many people choose to risk travel without a Health Certificate as regulations are not always strictly enforced. However, at Lombard Animal Hospital we recommend that you be safe rather than sorry.
Regardless of how you get there...HAVE FUN!
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