Part of the Lombard Team Mission is that we strive to improve the earth, we would like to inspire our friends to do the same. Here is a list of just a few of the improvements we’ve made around the hospital to do our part:

  • Cool Roof – our roof is painted sheer white to reflect sunlight and decrease our energy costs
  • Pacific Power Blue Sky Business Partner – we use 100% Renewable energy through Pacific Power
  • Updated air circulation system – decreases energy costs
  • Bike-to-Work Incentive – Lombard Team Members are rewarded when they bike to work, or use alternative transportation
  • Bike Rack & Repair Kit – Our rack is on it’s way, and we have a Bike Repair Kit available to any who choose to ride their bikes to us!
  • Laminated Travel Sheets – the treatment sheets that travel with your pet around the hospital are all reusable
  • In-Hospital Recycling Program:
    • paper products
    • bottles, cans
    • toner cartridges
    • glass
    • as many medical supplies as possible
    • re-use packing materials
    • re-use boxes and paper bags

The Lombard Team bikes to work!

Our team bikes to work!

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