Flea Allergy Dermatitis: Lacey’s Story

June 7, 2013

Posted By : Lombard Animal Hospital

Lacey’s Story: Flea Allergy Dermaitis – Diagnosis and Treatment Options




Physical exam: Reveals a pattern consistent with flea allergy dermatitis and secondary pyoderma (skin infection).

Skin Cytology : Reveals overgrowth of cocci bacteria, rare yeast

Skin Scrape : No mites are found (ectopic mites can cause lesions similar to flea allergy and are treated differently, thus they must be ruled out)

Blood screening – baseline : Reveals an increase in eosinophils (a specific white blood cell) supporting the diagnosis of flea allergy dermatitis. This panel also allows the Doctor to determine if steroid therapy is a safe option for your pet by giving us a good idea of internal organ status, specifically the liver and kidneys.


Flea Killer/Prevention : Trifexis. (Revolution if this were a cat)

  • Kills fleas and each dose prevents fleas for 1 month. The best treatment for flea allergy and flea dermatitis is prevention!

Antibiotic : Amoxicillin or Simplicef

  • Treats secondary skin infection due to bacterial overgrowth

Steroid Anti-inflammatory : Dexamethasone Injection or Natural Hydrocortisone Capsules

  • Provides comfort by decreasing inflammation and calming down the hypersensitivity reaction. **Steroid anti-inflammatories are used with extreme caution at Lombard Animal Hospital. Each patient is assessed as an individual to determine if the benefits of steroid therapy outweigh the risk of side effects. Patients at Lombard Animal Hospital must be current on lab screening of a complete blood count, liver and renal values before receiving steroid therapy.

Medicated Shampoo : Epi-soothe and/or Shampoo with Chlorhexidine Shampoo

  • Provides topical comfort and Chlorhexidine decreases the number of bacteria

Omega Acid Supplementation : OFA granules

  • Provides comfort and prevention by supporting the integrity of the skin layers and decreasing reactivity. Speeds healing. Improves haircoat.

Nutritional Supplement : Immune Support or Dermal Support by Standard Process

  • Provides “food” for the immune system and skin. Speeds healing. Balances the body.

Specialty Services offered at Lombard Animal Hospital

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine :

  • Identifies and treats both the acute “excess” problem of heat and irritation as well as the underlying pattern of immune system imbalance and deficiency.
  • Helps the body to process pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Reduces the chance of recurrence

Food Therapy and Nutritional Consulting :

  • Provides a cost effective, DIY option (home cooked toppings) to compliment the above treatment options and/or a change in formulated diets as many pets do much better on specific meat choices and specific formulas. Yes, food is medicine!
  • Brings the body back into balance so that the chance of recurrence is greatly reduce.

Yes, you are what you eat!

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