Farewell Pixie, Hospital Guardian

June 6, 2018

Posted By : Amanda


To those who knew her intimately, Pixie was a tough bird. Her 22+ years of life were full and dynamic! From her young days, accompanying an elderly woman in the last years of her life; to traipsing around an abandoned garden – stealing for a chance at a bite to eat, all to end up in a warm home with a loving family snuggling with her every day.

Many years ago, when her human companion had passed on from this life, Pixie, accompanied by her sidekick Feisty, noticed a little bowl of food on the back door step. Three summers went by while Dr. Preston and Dr. Nell snuck food to Pixie and her friend, hardly ever catching a glimpse of their sleek bodies. Portland was hit with a particularly cold winter in 2014/15, and we brought Pixie and Feisty into the hospital to keep them safe and warm. We did not intend for them to stay past the end of Winter.

Feisty eventually went home with Jamie, one of our hospital assistants. Pixie stayed at the hospital, she seemed unable to re-home. She was very skittish and wanted to swat and hiss at anyone that came near her, except one or two of us. Soon, Pixie was sitting on laps, purring and getting brushed! Slowly but surely, she warmed up to her new LAH family and we loved her so dearly in return! Feisty eventually came back to be Pixie’s roommate in their double-wide manufactured kennel and they were very happy to have each other to snuggle and bicker with.

We are so sad that Pixie is no longer with us, but so happy that we were able to give her a great life for her last precious years. She was a truly magical cat, who lived all of her nine lives to the absolute fullest! We will miss you Pixie!

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