Food Therapy

“Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine”

— Hippocrates, father of Western modern medicine

Dr. Nell and Dr. Preston believe a high quality, balanced diet is the cornerstone of health for any individual. Dr. Nell is available to assess your companion’s dietary needs to help you make the best decisions about what you are feeding your furry or feathered friends. Dr. Nell is comfortable and confident consulting on the diets of multiple species including cats, dogs, rabbits, small mammals, reptiles and birds. Please call us if you have more questions or would like to schedule a Nutrition Consult.

During a Nutrition Consult, Dr. Nell looks at the nutrition needs of her patients from a Conventional and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective using Food Therapy principles to balance the energy (Warm vs. Cold, Yin vs. Yang) of the diet as well as looking at the inherent qualities of different ingredients to provide the best health and balance in each individual. In cases of imbalance, whole foods and herbs are prescribed just like Conventional medicines to help improve problems slowly and gently.

Conventional, or Western, nutrition research is used to calculate your pet’s daily caloric needs. This prevents obesity and muscle wasting as well as providing the appropriate energy for your pet based on their activity level, lifestyle, and musculoskeletal type.

Chinese Food Therapy can be as simple as adding a few specific whole foods or herbs to your companion’s current diet or as involved as preparing a balanced homemade diet developed specifically for your animal’s unique needs or health concerns. Food therapy is beneficial in treating a multitude of health conditions as well as preventing them for the future. For excellent sources of high quality foods and supplements for your companions we recommend trying one of the following stores in the Portland, OR area: