What you can expect at the initial Acupuncture Appointment:Cooper_Acu2

  • Discussion of your main concerns and treatment goals.
  • Assessment of your pet’s systems and problems using Western and Traditional Chinese Theory and Diagnostic Techniques.
  • First Acupuncture Treatment with Needling and/or Aquapressure.
  • Appointments are approximately 45 – 60 minutes long, needles are in place 5-15 minutes.


Needling: Placement of tiny, thin, metal acupuncture needles directly into points. The needles usually stay in 5 – 15 minutes. Each patient and condition is unique.

Aquapressure: Using Vitamin B12 to inject acupuncture points. Vitamin B12 is harmless (in fact it helps the body) and can facilitate longer stimulation of the points.

Electroacupuncture: Used for pain relief and chronic conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and hip dysplasia/dysfunction. Needles are placed in the appropriate points, then wires are attached. A very low level of electrical current passes through the needles and stimulates the points resulting in relaxation of the muscles and pain relief. Similar to the Tens unit used on humans.

3SpecklesOldenburg1.30Laser Acupuncture: Utilizes a Class IV Therapy Laser instead of needling points. Usually for patients who are too sensitive for needles.

Is my pet a candidate?

Most pets are very tolerant, and may even enjoy, acupuncture. They do not have to sit still the entire time and are free to get comfortable.

Pets who are aggressive may or may not be candidates. Acupuncture can help aggression, but your pet may need sedation for treatment, especially in the beginning.

Your pet does not have to be a current patient at Lombard Animal Hospital. Dr. Nell is happy to work in conjunction with your current vet by providing only the acupuncture or alternative medicine portion of their care. Please be ready to give us permission to request your pet’s previous records from their current or previous veterinarian.

Follow-up Appointments:

These will consist of an update on the patient’s symptoms. The same points may be used, or Dr. Nell may choose to use different points based on the pet’s response to the initial treatment. Herbal supplements and food therapy (nutrition) may also be discussed and prescribed. Follow-up appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes long.

Dr. Nell suggests clients to “mentally” commit to 2 follow-up appointments (usually one week apart) after the initial consult. If no results are seen within 3 appointments, acupuncture may not be the best modality of treatment for your pet. At the 3rd follow-up appointment, Dr. Nell will discuss her assessment with you and together you will decide if additional treatments are helping and how often to schedule.

Please call 503.285.2337 or email: schedule@lombardanimalhospital to schedule an Initial Integrative Acupuncture Consult.