Acupuncture in Practice: Molly

August 1, 2018

Posted By : Amanda


Welcome to Acu in Practice – Meet Molly, an almost 7-year old domestic short haired cat who came for a visit to address over grooming and urinating outside of the box. Molly has always had an anxious personality, but she loves people and seeks attention. She lives with a cat that is more aggressive and loud, which sometimes stresses her out. Molly’s labwork and urinalysis were normal. She loves to eat and doesn’t really have digestive issues, except that her guardian did notice for a period of time that there was blood in her stool. Molly’s pulses were wiry at the middle level and her tongue color was a normal pink.

After taking a good history, performing a thorough physical exam using Western and TCM techniques, and running baseline diagnostics to rule out organ dysfunction, we decided to proceed with treatment for behavioral over grooming. Molly received acupuncture during her appointment and she went home on the formula Happy Wanderer by Kan Herb.

TCM diagnosis:
Liver Qi Stagnation (Stress) leading to friction Heat in the body (blood in stool) and Shen disturbance (behavioral over grooming and urinating outside of the box).

Treatment Principle:
Move Liver Qi, Calm Shen, Clear Heat/Support Yin, Support Spleen

Acupoint RX:
GV 20, BL 20 (support the Spleen), BL 23 (anchor Shen, support Yin), GV 14 (clear Heat), LIV 13 (move liver Qi), ST 36 (move Qi, tonify Qi), PC 6 – right side only because she didn’t care for it (Calm Shen).

Molly came for her follow up visit 3 weeks later. Her over grooming behaviors and urinating outside of the box completely resolved. The hair on her belly has grown back and she is more relaxed. She will stay on the Happy Wanderer and unless the symptoms resurface, her next recheck will not be until right before the Fall season change in approximately 2 months.

This post is created by Nell Ostermeier, DVM, CVA (IVAS) and is intended for informational use, not to replace medical advice.

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