Our mission is to exhibit LAH’s consistent support for the local community, as well as to assist non-profit organizations in the Portland area that provide care for pets belonging to low income families and homeless persons. The desired outcome of this project is to establish positive relationships with our community and to aid our partner agencies in expanding quality pet care.

This project addresses two identified concerns in our local area: First, there are a number of under-supported organizations that have a positive impact on pets and people, who need more help. Second, there are people in Portland who wish to contribute to worthy causes, but do not know how to act on that desire effectively. Therefore, the Lombard Animal Hospital Community Outreach Project will provide on-site and online opportunities for our community to get involved in addressing these concerns.

What Can I Donate?

  • Cash
  • Medications (antibiotics, flea treatments, etc.)
  • Chew toys
  • Cleaning supplies (paper towels, bleach, etc.)
  • Cheese, hot dogs and other treat blocks
  • High quality dry cat food
  • Wet cat food
  • Feli-way diffuser refills
  • 7th generation disinfectant spray
  • Paper towels
  • 1 cc syringes with 23-25 gauge needles
  • Injectable Metacam or Rimadyl
  • Regular and/or prescription food for overweight dogs and/or cats (we have a lot of chubby pets!)
  • 22 gauge needles
  • Large size harnesses
  • Trifexis
  • Revolution
  • Advantage for 40-60 dogs

Animal Aid
The mission: Animal Aid strives to achieve four common goals within their community:
-To prevent and reduce animal suffering by providing assistance to abused, homeless, injured and sick animals.
-To actively promote and encourage altering of all pets to reduce and prevent overpopulation.
-To find loving, dependable and nurturing forever homes for animals in our care at the shelter and in foster homes.
-To educate the public by teaching and promoting the ethic of compassion, respect for all animals, and the need to be kind and responsible stewards.

Paw Team
The Mission: We help keep people and pets together during the most difficult times of their lives by providing veterinary care to the companion animals of people who are homeless, in transition from homelessness, or living in extreme poverty.

Pixie Project
The Mission: Loving pets and people through personalized pet adoption and low cost veterinary assistance.